On-line Dating…

So, I’ve been divorced for about nine years now.  The dating game has certainly changed since before I was married.  As a woman who doesn’t really have time to go out due to work, who doesn’t drink, being a beautiful, plus-sized woman, and being of a (uh-hmmm) certain age, meeting a potential life mate in real life seems like an impossible task.  So, I’ve done what many have and gone to the interwebs to find love.  Let me tell you ladies, there are some weirdos out there!!

Lets skip past the ones with odd fetishes and go to the ones who claim to be just “normal guys”.  Any female who has done on-line dating, has experienced the unsolicited dick pics I am sure.  What makes a guy think that sending a picture of his genitals as an opening conversation piece is the way to entice the ladies.  What the actual heck has “dating” and “courtship” become?  Can we even call it that anymore?

Watching such shows as Catfish and certain Lifetime movies that of course warn of the dangers of predators on-line sours the virtual dating waters even further.  How do you know you’re talking to the person they claim to be?  Also, some of the men I have messaged make claims of love, passion, infatuation, etc. before they have even met me.  Do women take such men seriously?  If a man is telling you all these things within a few days of messaging with you and has not actually met you, then he’s probably telling the same thing to multiple other women.  Beware of the man who claims to be attached to you before you’ve actually met in person.




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