For “Beginners” My Ass! 😒

So, I was on my Pinterest account tonight, doing as I normally do before bed, tagging recipes and such that I’ll probably never actually get to. There’s something inherently pleasing about organizing these items though into nice little categories. It calms and soothes me.  Thus the reason I tend to do this before bed.

Then I see a pin claiming to be for workout plans for “Beginners”.  And who do they have posing as their supposed, “beginner”? Someone who looks like they just finished running a marathon, stopped by an American Ninja Warrior competition to win, and then put in an hour or so at the gym. As a fat woman, do I wanna trust these people as supposed virgins of exercise?  No…no I do not! I want to see a person who struggles like me and who looks like they were dragged out of a Burger King drive-thru and told today they were going to start exercising.  I want to see what those exercises look like. Not these tiny, fit women doing all these twisty yoga poses, or jumping all over the place as if they’re part kangaroo, or suggesting that mountain climbers are a beginning exercise move.

Would I like to get healthier and lose weight? Of course I would and any fat person who says they would not is lying. It would be nice to find some guidance or plans from people who have lived that fat lifestyle though instead of a bunch of thin, in-shape people who have never struggled with their weight or food addiction.

Obviously, learning from physical fitness experts on proper body mechanics and such is important, but can’t they teach me, by teaching another fat person in their videos? Can’t they show me a real-life transformation with this person?  Just sayin’.

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