So, this blog is not really to be taken too seriously.  I just wanted a place to stretch my writing muscles and what better way to do that then talk about my boring, single life with cats, right?  Right?  I’ll share some of the weird things I encounter in life, some of the life changes I’m attempting, probably a few frustrations, and of course pictures and stories about my cats.

Speaking of cats…I have two.  Cleo is a calico and sixteen and Pepe La Pew is three years old and all black.  Cleo always acts like she hates him, but then I caught them napping together in the cat bed.  So, I know she doesn’t despise him quite as much as she pretends to.

I’ve been told that having more than two cats is a sign of being a crazy cat lady.  So, I’ve been resisting my urges to hoard more kittens.  It helps that my parents have multiple farm cats.  Come along with me on this blogging adventure if you want. We’ll see where this goes.


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